Trillium US Inc.

Trillium US Inc., established in 2002, has service and manufacturing locations in Hamburg, NJ, Austin, TX, and Clackamas, OR. In addition, Trillium has local engineers based in Minneapolis, MN, Colorado Springs, CO, Burlington, VT, and Middletown, NY.

Trillium specializes in vacuum pump repair, new and refurbished pumps and spare parts. Trillium’s vacuum capabilities include dry, rotary piston, blower, rotary vane, cryo and turbo pumps, and Trillium operates 3 service centers in the USA. Trillium also supplies temperature control unit (TCU) repair service as well as new and refurbished chillers and heat exchangers. In addition, Trillium is the largest US supplier of refurbished exhaust gas abatement systems (point of use scrubbers), and one of the largest acquirers of excess vacuum, TCU and abatement equipment.
In support of our repaired and refurbished products, Trillium provides on-site service including turn-key equipment maintenance for pumps, TCUs, and abatement equipment.

With an international commercial, educational, R&D and Government customer base, Trillium provides service and product supporting industries such as Semiconductor, LED, Solar, MEMS, Nanotechnology, Medical, and many more.

Trillium's management systems are registered to the ISO:9001 standard

About Our Austin Facility

With Trillium’s acquisition of Austin Scientific (Oxford Instruments- Austin), we now offer a full range of products and services to support our cryogenic customers. We can now supply both new and refurbished cryo pumps, cryogenic water pumps, cold heads and helium compressors, as well as consumable spare parts and accessories. As the expert in service, we offer repair from both our Clackamas, OR and Austin (South), TX locations. At our cryogenics engineering center of excellence in South Austin, we can provide professional and knowledgeable technical support, as well as assistance in designing and deploying your next cryogenic based system.

1340 Airport Commerce Dr
Bldg 1, Suite 175
Austin, Texas 78741

Tel: 800-611-8871
Fax: 512-443-6665